Ciara Revlon Perfume

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I am a frag head with a huge assortment and that is palms down my favorite. You will have to love the limelight and attention and benefit from the picture of being sexy and sweet, naughty but nice to have the ability to pull off such a powerful perfume. ///////UPDATE///// so I smelled this at CVS. Hahaha, I won’t hassle with a evaluate, as a result of every thing has been stated that may be said.

It lasts FOREVER on the skin and until eternity on clothes. I love the incense quality which each have. Spray an excessive amount of and also you’re sitting in a church pew. Ciara is a sweet fragrance that may overpower if utilized closely and becomes far too cloying. It’s an attractive perfume that solely must be dabbed flippantly to be appreciated for its’ warm beauty. This is fantastic in chilly weather, the decrease temperatures just appear to deliver the smokiness of Ciara out.

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There’s a slight hint of fruit, barely there, but it’s so overshadowed by the incense and different notes you’ll hardly sense its’ presence. This is one of the loudest, brashest sweet orientals ever. The most prominent note within the base is leather-based. The opening is a sweet fresh note together with raspberry. This is a powerful powerful fragrance. I hope that those that love it will nonetheless be able to discover it. The evaluate is for the reformulated version.

I imagine teenagers wore plenty of this throughout that decade. I wouldn’t and doubtless couldn’t put on this today, but I’ll hold it around just for the unusual nostalgic feeling it provides once I take off the cap and odor it.

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There is a definite raspberry scent in right here, that you could scent the entire way via as it remains on the high of the citrus, which gives this a feminine character. The raspberry here could be very good not too sweet however always there for you .
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So far it is not a love, however I do prefer it and I can undoubtedly see it getting some use this winter. I additionally like that that is from the times when bottles were not bulky, inconceivable to spray, odd shapes. It’s simple, practical, and even light-weight enough to toss in my purse. Well, I’m responsible of another blind buy of an old basic oriental. I opened the box today and smelled the cap.

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I thought “Noooooooo!” I’m not the largest fruit fan in perfume. Then I sprayed it in the crook of my elbow. Thank god, the spicy opening was there. Then quarter-hour passed and it turned into an incensy powder.

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I purchased the eighty% reformulated version. I thought that even whether it is reformulated I can get the general vibe. I do not know if I received it at all cbd vape pen slate, since I was so excited in regards to the notes, however I can’t get any of it . But I do like 80s perfumes so this is not the problem.

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I thought Black Opium was the sweetest factor I might stand, but Ciara’s happening as my new favorite “sweet” scent. Ciara will be a not-so-secret testament to that. This stuff is beast mode for positive. Is it a pungent combination of engine oil and transmission fluid, or a beautiful mix of spices, sweets, and citrusy musk? I could not tell ya, and neither may anybody else, nevertheless it’s actually good things.

My associates aren’t keen on most of my fragrances; this one they are saying smells like a new-age non secular shop. Sure, it still has all that which makes up my favourite balsamic orientals, but the sweetness present in here is unmatched in any of them.

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I’ve been attempting to get a deal with on this scent for a number of months. Today, with out thinking, I sprayed just a tiny bit and waved my arm through, and that was the ticket. I love sturdy perfumes, so it’s strength never bothered me, however I felt like I could not scent something apart from a slightly spiced powder. Today, I can scent the bergamot and lime within the opening. Now, as it fades to the center, I’m getting extra smoke and incense, barely sweet, but not sufficient to get a definitive “raspberry” accord. I was on the fence about Ciarra for a number of months, however I prefer it.

I’ll replace my evaluation as soon as I get to know this perfume a bit better. I grew up type of liking this scent, I did put on it. It is a hazy balsamic heat scent yet it smells somehow low cost at the same time. I imply, it is cheap but it’s not something to be mistaken for high finish fragrance. I think if they’d a body cream it will be a lot more to my liking. Youth Dew, Opium etc are too much for me in perfume type however the lotions are good. The sweet-heady myrrh, raspberry, and creamy tonka-vanilla-amber sing on my skin, and I think it softens the whole tone of the fragrance.

My downside is that I can not get any distinctive notice. Oh the place is the good incense I was craving for? You need to wait maybe half an hour for the initial alcohol blast to get away and then if you’re lucky you may get some leather-based blended with citrus. It truly reminds me of a cheap after shave or one thing. Maybe I ought to give it to my man associates. Anyway, for the lovers of the trendy fragrances, I do not suppose you’ll like this. For the lovers of the older fragrances additionally, please try to discover a classic so as to have a greater opinion.
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I wore this out at night time and obtained a number of compliments. To me it is extremely unisex now in 2019. Girly fragrances now are watered down, überly candy, slightly floral scents. In 2019 this doesn’t scream womanly or mean trainer anymore, for that matter.

It’s a powerhouse and has lots occurring. You’ll keep on sniffing it over and over and asking, “What note am I smelling NOW?” It’ll keep you busy and curious for a long time. It’s beastly, powerful, alluring, mesmerizing, and wonderful all on the same time. This used to be my favorite in High School after which I forgot about it. How To Buy CBD Products Online And What To Look Before Purchasing It? I rediscovered it and was so shocked to search out the composition hadn’t changed. It nonetheless smells Divine and is now my signature fragrance again.

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Other girls suppose I’m wearing a person’s cologne and it does smell like many men’s colognes with notes of incense, woods, and musk, leathers. It’s Persian leather-based and very musky. You might be more than happy and it must be straightforward for you to wear. This fragrance fits the personality of such ladies as Whoopi Goldberg, Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda, Hillary Clinton, Judi Dench and Helen Mirren.

Well, I’ve had my 100% bottle of this for a couple years now. But this scent just smells low-cost to me. It’s like the essences they used on this are tremendous low-grade. Maybe the method was extra natural within the 70’s.

There is certainly a detectable raspberry which appears sort of uncommon however it provides to the stimulation at the first spritz, much like the raspberry notice in Ivoire de Balmain. This would not go as inexperienced as Ivoire nor does it turn right into a chypre. The thing is when it starts to carry out it’s music, it smells like one fragrance type before it adjustments into another. The lemony citrusy freshness and raspberry observe, embracing florals of ylang ylang and jasmine, is oddly at variance with the remainder of the notes. Not too sweet, but very invigorating. There is opoponax & woods, coming off as very Middle Eastern/Persian. In fact, on me it is very masculine.

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It might never be a love for me, nevertheless it actually deserves a place in my fragrance wardrobe. For me the bottom notes are good and don’t come off as unisex. Opium is completely unisex and smells like it could cross for a man’s cologne but not Ciara.

I actually want I could love this as its sooo cheap and mega lasting. This is a superb purchase for its low worth. I’m severe, simple cbd vape oil cartridge strawberry on the set off or it is going to be gross! The eighty% is ideal for that modesty when you use like a half a spray.
I think I paid like nine bucks for it! For that worth even if you completely hate the stuff, it’s not a huge loss! I think about it’s a straightforward swap too because it’s still so well liked within the perfume community. I am continually seeing it listed in “Best Cheapie” matters and actually, they don’t seem to be incorrect. I do not know that I’d name it the “greatest,” that is tremendous dramatic, but it’s a Great classic perfume for a extraordinarily low value! And again, please remember when making an attempt your first time, hold the bottle a great 6-8 inches away and press the nozzle only midway down.

It’s a fragrance for the mature empowered assured independent woman who has lived, who has beloved, who has more behind her in life than ahead of her. It isn’t a melancholy fragrance however it is very dignified and serious. It can undoubtedly be worn to Church. It is formal and serene, with that steam of incense and balsam that sooths your soul. This is a review for a vintage bottle. How can one thing this low-cost scent this good? I wore it to go to bed, and by morning, it smelled like heaven (about nine hours later!) – splendidly sherbety and vanillic, like a superb sweetshop.
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Let that light misting settle for a few minutes before smelling. If you blast several shut, full sprays and scent instantly I can nearly guarantee you’ll hate it! But it’s one of those old fashioned fragrances that I really cbd peach rings feel can still simply be worn right now with out being screamingly out of place. It smells retro, hip, vintage versus unwearable, outdated, musty, yuck-classic. I am not loopy about many fragrances from the 70’s, however this one is nice.
It’s nonetheless with me, now eleven hours later – powdery, candy, vanillic, nag champa. A actual powerhouse perfume – apply with warning. Myer had this in a box of different Revlon sale items right now, so I sprayed a generous amount on my arm and roamed off across the shopping centre. Oh dear, not for me, it’s paying homage to incense mixed with a cheap air freshener on me. I eventually washed it off three times soaping up and rubbing the sprayed arm, rinsing, drying. I might nonetheless odor it hours later.
  • My friends aren’t keen on most of my fragrances; this one they say smells like a new-age religious store.
  • I thought Black Opium was the sweetest factor I may stand, but Ciara’s taking place as my new favorite “sweet” scent.
  • This stuff is beast mode for positive.
  • Sure, it still has all that which makes up my favourite balsamic orientals, however the sweetness present in right here is unmatched in any of them.

I get nostalgic whenever I odor this. It is my mom’s favourite fragrance. Ciara is lovely, to my nose it is Bal à Versailles but with out the civet. I once did a side by side sniff take a look at, smelled Ciara, then smelled Bal à Versailles, and with the latter, ALL I may smell was civet!
However Ciara is method less expensive, so what I do nows layer it over Jovan Musk for Men and voilà. I even have always beloved this perfume and still bear in mind the attractive ads with Lauren Hutton. I assume Revlon simply copied B à V and took the civet out for the US market. The 70’s were a bit earlier than my time, but simply smelling this perfume can take me back there.

Author Biography: Elena Ognivtseva

Author Biography: Elena Ognivtseva

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